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Dog on Blue

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A calm and soothing grooming experience for your pup!


We Have The Experience & Professionalism

To Handle The Needs Of Your Pooch

We work primarily with dogs up to 90 lbs. or prior approval for larger dogs.

We unfortunately no longer accept large double coated breeds or doodles over 50 lbs.

Who We Are

Hi, I am Amanda and I have been a veterinary technician and pet groomer since 2001. I've shared my home with many furry friends through the years. Everything from a sphynx to pigs with numerous pooches and creatures in between.

What We Do

We offer grooming and bathing services that help keep our furry friends clean and healthy. Our services are safe, affordable and convenient. Whether your pup needs a spa treatment or a simple brush out, we are here for them.

Our Hours

The Snoochy Poochy Salon & Spa's grooming and bathing services are by appointment only. We do offer $10 walk-ins for nail trimmings. Please view our online appointment schedule for available dates and times by clicking here.

About Us

Please feel free to call or text 567-201-7578 with any questions regarding our services or pricing.

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